A few years ago, fab harmonica player, Matthew White was walking past Blue Note Music in Wells St, Frankston when he heard awesome music drifting down the stairs. It lured him in and to his surprise discovered Troy Wilson playing in and running his regular Saturday blues workshop. Impressed with what he heard, they instantly hit it off and realizing they had the same love of 20s and 30s along with 50s Chicago blues music, they decided to get together and perform.

Their very first band was called King Catfish and had five members and was impressive. After they disbanded, they each went their own way, however, Wilson and White continued on as a duo and have been honing and perfecting their exciting groove ever since.

When White is not being the full time teacher and a proud new dad, he spends the rest of his time gigging with Wilson.
White’s supurb harp playing is awesome and he does justice to his ole time favorites like Sunnyboy Williamson and Charlie Musselwhite when playing their songs.

Wilson on the other hand is a professional full time muso and teaches music therapy in schools and to kids about to commence advanced rehab. Says Wilson, “It kind of helps wind them down and often helps channel their creative energy into a project which in turn helps them feel positive about themselves.”

Wilson is hoping to record a couple of live songs at the Peninsula Blues Club in Frankston soon with the eventual intention of releasing a CD in the middle of 2015, so keep a look out for this.

Although both may ponder going solo at some stage in their careers, at the moment Wilson and White are coasting along nicely, getting repeated gigs at various festivals and venues around the burbs and city.

“It’s what we love doing and it gives us great satisfaction seeing punters enjoying us playing the traditional songs.” Says Wilson.

The guys certainly look the part with the established wearing of dark sunnies, hat, and cool attire.
Especially White’s bowler hat that looks so imperturbable and perfectly suitable on him. He jokes, “It’s basically a homage to my favorite harp player, Sunnyboy Williamson. As a black man travelling from America to England for the first time, he was astounded at being treated respectfully by the English. In America black musicians didn’t have this respect. So he decided to always wear a triple breasted suit, jacket, bowler hat and an umbrella over his arm, as a mark of respect towards the English. I wear my bowler hat as a remembrance to him,” smiles White.

The boys say Melbourne has become a mecca for the blues in the last few years and people are enjoying the resurgence. No doubt this is awesome news for blues muso’s and punters alike.

Keep a look out for Wilson and White playing the local venues. They are definitely worth the watch and are damn fine musicians too.

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