Imagine a blues, rock outfit imbued with traces of Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, The Who and Deep Purple just to name a few. Now think Bag O’ Nails, the famous 60’s London club, where greats like Hendrix, Clapton, Jimmy Page and The Beatles along with so many other famous names hung out. Continue picturing a blues-rock trio with ’74 Gibson and USA Fender Stratocaster in their hands blasting out red hot rockin’ blues rock, and you’ve got yourself power house outfit, Bag O’ Nails; with a name inspired by the cool 60’s London Club, Bag O’ Nails are bringing their brand of Blues to Friday Night Blues Club this Friday August 4 at the Seaford.

Bag O’ Nails have been wowing audiences with their ballsy, riff driven blues/rock for well over 12 years and have ridden up a blazing reputation for intense energy yet ‘cool’ excitement in their live performances. Luckily for their loyal and ever expanding fan base, this high-octane energy trio has made a smooth transition with their music into their debut EP, Attitude Blues, which is actually a damn fine EP indeed.

Bag O’ Nails performs originals like Get Nailed and covers like Little Red Riding Hood, completely ‘nailing’ them, pun intended, to make it their own.

Guitarist/Vocalist Trevor Murray combines his respect for the Blues and his love for Rock, to give the audience a passionate performance.

Whereas London born, Lord Hampton (John Hampton) on bass radiates that smooth, hip ‘London Scene’ vibe while Johnny Ouzo (John Veltman) handles his drums with equable yet wild abandonment thus creating a wall of sound reminiscent of many great power trios of the past.

If you like your Blues doused in downright dirty Rock n’ Roll, as you do, then you won’t want to miss Bag O’ Nails at Seaford Hotel’s Friday Night Blues Club this Friday August 4 from 8pm. Go check em’ out. For more details visit