Years & Years – Real
Band trio ‘Years & Years’ out of London have put together one of the ‘catchiest’ and perfectly assembled pieces I’ve heard of the genre. This alternative sound is heading into this ‘new sound’ territory with its creative vocal hooks and its pop synths. It’s a song that you’ll want to hear again and again and you wont know what it is exactly that makes you want more, I guess that’s what makes a great song.

Autre Ne Veut – Counting
This is one of the songs where the idea that everyone is equal seems ridiculous.
Arthur Ashin (Autre Ne Veut) is a creative genius; I couldn’t talk more highly of this track, its filled fluttering synths, scattered percussion and mind-boggling vocals that send an ecstasy like sensation. There is so much going on in this song but it just works. A simple conclusion for such a complex piece.

F*** U All The Time (Shlohmo Remix) – Jeremih
Known for his dark/down-tempo style, Shlohmo does not disappoint with this remix of Jeremih. With its trap infused percussion and creepy synths, it really takes you on a journey; maybe to a place you wouldn’t show your mother… You can’t help but feel bulletproof listening to this track. It’s grimy and dirty and you love it. Filled with haunting vocals, it really is such a powerful song, Certainty a song that I’m glad to set to repeat as every time is better than the last.

Solitude – Drew Hill
I guess this is ‘Deep House’, or maybe its ‘chill-out’ or maybe its ‘Deep/Chill/Electronic/House/Lounge?’. No songs these days seem to have simply one genre, and its great. ‘Solitude’ is such a great track I would simply label it as ‘nice’, you automatically are filled with a sense of calm, all of a sudden things like bills, work and studying don’t seem to matter because for the next five and a half minutes nothing matters but this perfectly executed bundle of sounds. If heaven was in music, I have a feeling this is what it would sound like.

Eden – Ben Khan
Not too much is known about the man going by the name ‘Ben Khan’ and I guess that correlates with his music, honestly not too sure what I’m listening to but I like it! I really like it. It’s a great example of the right sounds doing the right thing at the right time, everything about this song is on point. From the dark brass sound to the high-pitched ‘bird like’ vocal shouts and the groovy guitar riff, this song is for the ages. I would not be surprised if we start hearing this man on the radio anytime soon! Remember the name.