Yo Mama Come Party

Always a little crazy, Beaches is about to get a bit crazier as Melbourne party band Yomama step onto stage September 12. 

Sounding like a familiar pickup line heard once or twice around midnight, Yomama come bred form top inner-city euro party pits like Bridie O Riley’s and the Elephant & Wheelbarrow and will surely be primed to put the serious stuff aside and turn it up a notch or two. Yomama spokesman David Cousins explains, “I think what makes us great is the fact that we love what we do, we love interacting and entertaining the crowd and every show we play is completely different from the last one. The vocals in the band are something that sets us apart from a lot of other groups and we like playing the songs as close to the original as possible.”

Check out the guys from Yomama on Friday September 12 at Beaches, 55 Barkly Street, Mornington from 9pm. And if you want a sneak peek say g’day to Yomama on Facebook at YomomaCoverband.



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