One of the nicest and most approachable guys in the FMX industry today would have to be a Mornington Peninsula local Cam ‘Sincs” Sinclair.  Hailing from Pearcedale, he has become a well-known hero to many youngsters & the young at heart.  Riding for many years with Crusty Demons, now Nitro Circus, Gold medal winner in the X Games and who could forget the lifetime award at the Karingal Centro Walk of Fame!  He is a Peninsula legend.

When Cam cemented his family yet again to the leafy suburb of Cranbourne South, he thought his dream would come true.  His own compound.  No more traveling hours away from his young family to train…he would make home his aerial playground.  With the picture perfect house in the planning stage Sinclair also submitted permit applications for his ramps.

Council sat and 32 objections were heard!  That’s right 32… The ramps were a no go.

Sinclair was devastated.  This was his full time job.  The ramps are a vital part of his exceptionally specialized and highly athletic craft.  Sinclair took it upon himself to door knock all neighbours to let them know who he was and why the ramps approval were so paramount to he and his family.

Just one year later and the City of Casey have given their blessing.  Only three complaints remained; Sinclair can now fly like an Eagle between the hours of 12pm and 3pm Monday to Friday!