Blues Illustrated (September 2014)

Bag O’ Nails (pictured Trevor Murray, John Veltman and John Hampton) are a hardworking Texas Blues trio that always deliver an amazing live show. Their latest CD, NAILED LIVE AT ST. ANDREWS is still on high rotation and exemplifies the talent of this high energy band. I recommend Bag O’ Nails as an outfit not to be missed, please check out this recent YouTube clip of one of the original numbers “GET NAILED

This month’s special mention goes to the Seaford Hotel who have been featuring an impressive array of live Blues music every Sunday afternoon with their Sunday Sessions in the Clovers bar. Paul Woseen, Geoff Achison, Jimi Hocking and Andy Phillips and the Cadillac Walk have all appeared in recent weeks. It is always good to see another venue supporting the live music scene and supporting our local peninsula bands.

Mick Todd has been on air since 2007 with his Saturday night FATMAN BLUES show on 88.3 Southern FM. Community radio is a volunteer enterprise and it is the amazing efforts from people like Mick that give local music an audience and bring local Blues music to the airwaves. Mick is an avid Blues fan really enjoys the great live performances of LACHY DOLEY and is predicting big things from BELLA REUNION in 2014. Congratulations Mick for your great work on the show and looking forward to many more years to come. Please tune in to the FATMAN BLUES show on Saturday nights on 88.3 Southern FM at 10pm.

Congratulations to John McNamara on winning the MBAS Blues Challenge in the Solo/Duo category.  John will travel to Memphis in early 2015 to represent the MBAS at the International Blues Challenge. John’s new album ALONE WITH THE BLUES features 8 originals numbers amongst the 12 tracks on this album. You can preview this excellent new album at

In its second year, BLUES FOR LOST SOULS has more than tripled the money raised in 2013. This year $17,793 was raised and 10 times last year’s donations were collected which will go directly to those in need. Good people can and always will make a difference and a big shout out to all involved this year in making donations, the musicians, Dave Padroth, Louise Castle, Linda Elridge and the amazing Greg Dodd. The money raised will buy THE BIG UMBRELLA, a van for carrying cooking equipment, food, and clothing. Congratulations and well done.

The Peninsula Blues Club has just celebrated its first year of operation and congratulations to all involved in establishing the club and maintaining such a high standard of Blues music on the Peninsula. At the August meeting, the talented guitarist and singer songwriter Shannon Bourne performed a superb acoustic set full of original material and a captivating rendition of THE WIND CRIES MARY. Over the next few months an impressive array of feature artists has been booked, including Ian Collard and Chris Wilson to name a few. It is good to see new and emerging local Blues musicians and vocalists (many from the Blue Note College of Music ) gaining confidence and experience by joining in the JAM sessions later in the night. Don’t miss these special events held on the 2nd Sunday of every month at the Peninsula Blues Club. For more details please check

The Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society (MBAS) Blues Challenge – BAND category. The performance entry form deadline is September 16 – please email

Until next month, let’s keep the blues alive and support our local artists.

Greg writes monthly for PEARL on all things Blues and if you’d like Greg to review your release or you know of something happening in the Blues world please drop him a line at Greg can also be heard every Tuesday between 12-2 pm on 88.3 Southern FM as the host of the all-Australian BLUES ILLUSTRATED show.