Soapbox Poetry

In days gone by poetry has been a revered form of expression, however in modern culture it is often dismissed or overlooked. Fortunately, Peninsula Poets have firmly asserted poetry’s place on Melbourne’s southeast coast with their latest performance at Zinevent in Frankston, July 19.

With accomplished writers at the helm, this troupe delivered a driving poetry experience, as each member performed in their own unique voice with varied themes in succession. The intimacy of Cube 37 saw each poet stepping up on the soapbox to perform short and snappy poems and down to deliver personal biographical poems before moving onto longer, more distinguishing pieces. Guest performances were also welcomed and one audience member delivered a surprisingly potent poem to the applause of the room.

At times bold and enigmatic, Peninsula Poets offered everything from anarchic slam to unknowable short prose; touching on themes of bipolarity, relationships and offering up an exploration of the everyday.

Peninsula Poets will be performing two free 90-minute shows at The Anywhere Theatre Festival on Saturdays, August 23 and September 6 at 7:30 pm in Cube 37 (Frankston). Bookings: Whether you are budding poet looking to network or just curious, Peninsula Poets will redefine how you view the written and spoken word. Watch and listen…