Seven In Heaven With Prosdo

1. Tell me about yourself
I always hate this question when you have to go around the circle introducing everyone haha. I’ll be 20 this August; I’m from Ferntree Gully, Chippy by trade, alcoholic by night. I’ve always been a sporty/athletic kid playing footy and soccer. I never got into playing any instruments in fact I hated music class in school, which is a surprise. I love a nice cold beer on a Friday after work but my weapon of choice when I’m out is the good old Vodka Pineapples, there’s nothing I love more then being around mates, family and 80’s music.

2. So how did it all begin?
Well it was like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and then I just popped out haha, Nah… I actually started producing long before even touching decks, we had a fiddle around on FL Studio in the compulsory music class during year 7 and it wasn’t till a year after that I downloaded it for myself because I remembered how much I enjoyed it!

3. Who are your influences?
Obviously the big Minimal/Techno giants such as Matteo Poker, Droplex, Mark Dekoda, Daniel Portman, Min & Mal, Jus Deelax and Minkore just to name a few that have influenced me… But there are many artists who aren’t so well known that have led me to tweak my style a bit!

4. Who was your inspiration on your way up?
I never really got any inspirations from anyone really famous like Hardwell or Avicii. I was more focused on the local talent like Joel Fletcher back when he was making minimal bombs, Kalus, Orkestrated and Mike Metro however in the last year or so my inspirations have been guys like Victor Ruiz, Animals in Cage, Morgan J, Boryana, Mykoe and Futureplays as I’ve really tried to fine tune the technical side of my production.

5. What was your favourite club gig?
I always have a ball with the Mischief crew every week and downstairs at Wah hits the spot every time but I’d have to say the first time I played at Fake Tits with my best mate Dylan Carroll is the highlight so far

6. Did someone show you the tricks of the trade or are you self-taught?
I’m pretty much self-taught. When I started trying to write my own tunes I didn’t even know what a kick was, I had zero clue about how to structure a track let alone what a baseline was. I guess I slowly figured the program out and just used the tracks I listened to as a guide for the structure. I think the only tutorials I watched on YouTube were how to make different synths in Sylenth and the only other producer I was friends with at the time was Sammy La Marca – so me and him used to sit down from time to time and suss shit out. But then again over the years of meeting new DJ/Producers I have picked up a few different perspectives on how to do things!

7. Have you got any new tracks in the brew or any big things coming up?
Yeah I actually just fulfilled a mini goal of mine which is was to get a track signed with Bosphorus Underground, so that will be up on my Soundcloud in the next week or so. A new collab with Jus Deelax to come out next month and also Flatbelly Recordings are launching a remix competition of my track “Minimal Fishing.”

Catch Prosdo doing what he does best weekly at Noizy Neighbours and Mischief at the Milkbar, with regular guest appearances at Fake Tits, Cloud Nine and Wah Wah Lounge. The cat’s also out of the bag, Prosdo will be supporting Droplex & Corner at Just Minimal 4.0, Royal Melbourne Hotel on August 15.



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