Paula (Robin Thicke)

Robin Thicke


Luckily for the world Robin Thicke has released his latest studio album, Paula. It’s an album entirely about “feelings” and not at all about revenge.

Let’s all be honest here. It’s like a cheap Enrique Iglesias rip-off, especially the opening track ‘You’re My Fantasy’. The chorus is bad, the melody uninspired and the lyrics tacky and sappy.

The thing is, Robin Thicke didn’t just write one bad song, he wrote 13 of them.  He claims that he came off tour and wrote them all in about three weeks. Well, perhaps he should have workshopped them a little more before giving them the tick of approval.

Paula is nothing more than a kick-in-the-teeth tactic to one-up recent divorcee, Paula Patton. Unfortunately for Thicke, this scornful dribble would do nothing more than make her laugh at the immaturity of such feats.