In contemporary usage, Burlesque is a playfully nostalgic form of striptease – think fans and feather boas rather than explicit nudity – but this is just the latest form of an ironic style of entertainment dating back to medieval times. Burlesque comes from burla, Spanish for “joke.” Comedy has always been an essential part of burlesque art, but it’s comedy of a particular kind – it’s satirical, and it uses exaggeration to the extreme.

Cruze presents a totally Burlesque themed dress-up night on Saturday August 16, with the local legend that is Nathan Thomson bringing in the goods. Vibrant colours, seductive burlesque costumes and elaborate sets often associated with this art form, no serious party girl will not be complete without some kind of corset/feather costume combo. Going for broke? They’re already? Have a burlesque fun, whatever your budget.

Backing it up as always, our weekly residents Zac Masters, Joel Freeman, Steve Lako, Jordie Finsh, CEEJ, Matt Slaz, Mark Fisher and now welcoming Ben Turner to the table. Continually maintaining above and beyond the benchmark for your Saturday night Peninsula entertainment – why would you want to be anywhere else?