Marcia Marcia Hines

An Australian music industry legend and household name, Marcia Hines has enjoyed a career spanning more than four decades in Australia. She’s been a star of stage and screen, a mentor to aspiring musicians and women around the world and has even been honoured as a member of the Order of Australia for her services to the entertainment industry. Of course, it would be remiss to not mention Hines’ extraordinary back catalogue, releasing a stream of popular albums since her debut Marcia Shines 40 years ago. Stepping back into the recording studio, the diva’s most recent release (appropriately titled, Amazing) marks a staggering 20 years since Marcia Hines’ last album of original songs.  On such as momentous occasion, PEARL had the pleasure of asking Queen of Soul what inspired the gifting of another album in 2014.

“Well it was high time that I did some original songs,” confesses Hines. “I knew that I wanted to write an album of originals for years and after meeting Joni Mitchell one random evening in Los Angeles last year, her open spirit, talent and heart solidified something inside me and inspired me to turn that dream into a reality.”

Famed for her chart-topping covers, Hines assures that she has not discounted the possibility of more re-inventions on albums to come. Amazing is the product of necessity, an expression of Hines that comes with the hindsight of a life well lived.

“The covers were fun, and I won’t say that I’ll never do that again; but I wanted to do an album of originals so I spoke to some friends of mine that knew writers and they hooked me up with Ron E Jones and Tom Diesel. We wrote really full on for six or seven months, and it wasn’t hard because we got on really well. It’s a very cathartic situation when you write and there’s nowhere to hide, because you’re talking about your deepest emotions, your deepest fears and deepest insecurities. Needless to say, the guys and I are really family now.”

The resulting album shows Hines unlike ever before, her timeless voice weaving through the universal themes of love, loss and self-empowerment with unmistakable sincerity. The entertainer is certainly more qualified than most when it comes to writing songs about love won and lost, with the announcement of her split from her fourth husband Dr Christopher Morrissey coming earlier this year.

“[The album] is pretty personal, because that’s me, warts and all. I’m just talking about stuff that everyone has to deal with. Breaking up, getting back together, insecurities of love, the joys of love, and things that are close to my heart like keeping the earth clean and good for our children and their children.”

Amazing is purposely diverse, with Hines exploring different ranges in her voice and marrying her tone with others on a few collaborations. No stranger to collaborations, Hines reveals how after so long, the challenge always teaches her something about making music.

“You come at it with different ideas, and you share these ideas you both have. I think collaborations keep you very honest and on your toes…You know – if you’re willing to learn – you’ll learn something new every day about music. Collaboration teaches you even more.”

The surprise collaboration with Russell Crowe in Remedy delivers a cheeky throwback to Nutbush City Limits. In addition to contributing his growling vocals to the track, Crowe took charge of directing the film clip for the musical romp. The tongue-in-cheek clip sees Hines and Crowe don medical robes in a surgical operating theatre and take to the stage with some very cheeky dancing nurses.

Hines says she hopes to bring this level of fun entertainment to her live shows, with the Amazing tour kicking off July 30 and taking up residency at the Frankston Arts Centre on Thursday August 21. While Russell Crowe and the dancing nurses will (sadly) not be along for the ride, Marcia Hines promises to deliver old classics and new gems with the help of her band.

Tickets and more information at Frankston Arts Centre, Frankston – 03 9784 1060



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