Allday A Splendour For Lily

Allday; a Vegan, Rapper, a native of Adelaide but now resides in the metropolis of Melbourne. Everybody, meet Allday, if you haven’t already started to hear his music on mainstream radio, you will very shortly.  He has just released a new album Startup Cult.  And boy has it hit the ground running; for this twenty something rapper life is about to become very different. Based out of Melbourne he writes about his real life & experiences that are all around him, family, friends and passersby on the streets.  He takes it all in and spits it all out in a crafty way that brings your emotions to the forefront, music that makes you think whilst with a cool beat.  When asked why he calls himself Allday, the response was simple “it’s what I do Allday. Make rhymes and beats.  It’s all consuming, it’s what I love and it’s my life”.

Allday took time out to speak with PEARL to discuss his new album Start Up Cult.  He has named it this for a very left of field reason, “Start Up; because it’s the first of my art that I want people to comment on and listen to and love.  Cult; that’s what I want, I want people to listen to the music and feel something when they do. That’s what a cult is to me, nothing wayward or out there, just people who like the same thing”.  It seems that Australia is his Cult. Hitting the ARIA chart and staying in the top 5 for over two weeks the album has been adopted by the public. The difference with this album and the past free mix tapes he has been putting out into the ether is that this one he had to learn to be close to perfect, near enough was just not good enough.  The beats, the words, the meanings, they all had to be there… and Allday, in my opinion they are!

Allday has played across Australia small venues and sold out larger ones.  Things are about to step up; he has just completed the main support slot for the Splendour In The Grass sideshows for British singer Lily Allen.  Tipping 100k likes on facebook and being signed to a new label One Two, which is a branch of UNFD.  The brand is big the reach will be equally as big.  At a recent album launch and signing there seemed to be thousands of excited teens lined up for a few hours in the rain just to meet Allday and get his signature and a free selfie.

So, life is about to change big time for this down to earth Vegan.  His words of advice were “Enjoy every day, enjoy life – we only have one… oh and go out and buy Startup Cult!”



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