High Rise At Blue Diamond

Perched 15 floors up and sky-high, Blue Diamond is Melbourne’s premier penthouse live entertainment and cocktail cigar lounge. High Rise showcases some of Melbourne best house music artists as well as providing one of Melbourne’s most secluded and elegant experiences within the CBD from a Rooftop.

Recently the boys have rounded up Dom Dolla, Katie Drover, Heath Renata, Tom N’ Tys (Ade), Robyn Gold, I Like To Disco, Jump Ship, Elbow Deep, Flash Back, and Blake! Accompanied by local all-star residents Jiay Mills, Sammy Machen, Dan Waldron, Milkman, Ceramix and more…

Head to www.facebook.com/HighRiseBD to suss the fuss that is, unexplainably, unbelievably, one of the best venues Melbourne has to offer – you have to see it with your own eyes.