Wannabe Wednesdays

Chinese Translation :  Empty Orchestra

Beaches Translation : Top yourself up with enough Dutch Courage to take centre stage while imagining you’re rockin’ out at Rod Laver.  Picture thousands of screaming fans, Slash on guitar, Sting on bass, Phil Collins on drums, and a queue of groupies ready to fight like Mike for a backstage pass.  Karaoke’s what ever you make it!

Beaches in Mornington lets rip every Wednesday night with Karaoke Kool, an institution each week for a bunch of talented regular’s, from Sammy’s Sinatra to Shae’s Shakira, you just never know who you’ll see.  Karaoke Kool is hosted by Liz & Steve and is all about having a good time regardless of talent (ooops…did I really say that?)…so make Wednesdays your mid week winter escape and “Do what you wanna do, be what you wanna be yeaaaahhhhh!”

Beaches Of Mornington, Karaoke Kool Wednesday’s from 9pm.