Latte From The Heart

Join the good people at Commonfolk Coffee for a day of coffee creativity in the Latte Art Smackdown on July 11.

Catch some of Victoria’s best Baristas in action as they draw pictures with milk and coffee that most of us couldn’t do with a pencil. It’s 10 dollars entry to this winner takes all competition with all proceeds going to The Cup That Counts program.

This program is aimed at achieving a sustainable specialty coffee industry by raising funds towards establishing a small-scale coffee farm and processing facility in the Ugandan highlands. This will allow locals the chance to develop their farming, harvesting and processing skills as farmers often pay more for production of their coffee rather than sale.

Love your coffee? Show your support for where it comes from at Latte Art, Commonfolk Coffee, 16 Progress St Mornington, July 11, 7pm.