Daft Punk’D

In a generation that includes DJ’s among performing artists and musicians, each filling stadiums and festivals equally across the World.  It’s only fitting, that along with achieving massive fame and ‘music legend’ status, should a tribute be born in your honour.  Such is Daft Punk.  Or maybe it’s just that Daft Punk fever is at an all time high!  Everything they do is awesome; everybody wants to see them, we just cant get enough… generating a natural need for more to go around!  Enter:  Discovery, and these guys are the real deal!   (Well kind of?)

Discovery: Australia’s Daft Punk Tribute is already one of the largest Daft Punk Shows of it’s kind in the World, already receiving invites from major festivals abroad and a string of interstate shows back home with guest performances at Groovin The Moo’s Official Afterparty and Melbourne’s Electric Dreams.

Surely it’s not just two dudes in helmets! Discovery features a collective journey into the music of Daft Punk, featuring live guest vocals, a series of mind blowing costume changes, laser light stage show, and of course the signature Daft Punk Pyramid.

Discovery:The Daft Punk Tribute perform an exclusive full production show as part of  Dance Nightclub’s ‘Almost Famous Saturday’s on July 26th Zagame’s, 288-296 Clyde Rd, Berwick.  Doors open 8pm. Details Ph 97026223



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