Take Five, Less Is Moar

Blake Rayment or here known as ‘Less is Moar’. A maverick of techno categorization ‘Less is Moar’ has a flair for driving underground mixing and a strong passion for music. Growing up with influences from all styles and genres of music since a kid, it was then in his late teens he ignited an interest in the minimal/techno scene. Major influences such as Boris Brejcha, Victor Ruiz, Groove Delight, Alex Stein and Alok all pushing his desire to spin tracks. He first took control behind the decks a mere 18 months ago, which has led to him moulding his own sound and style through residencies at ridiculously late hours of the morning. Featuring track releases through Berlin Aufnahman, Pop Rox Muzik, Twisted Plastic, PhetHouse Records to name a few and having supported some of the biggest minimal/techno artists such as Avrosse, Droplex, Jus Deelax.

PEARL: So how did it all begin?
RAYMENT: It all began roughly around December 2012 when a good friend of mine, and fellow producer asked me to come around to his place and he’ll teach me a few things in regards to producing. One thing leads to another and we had written a few tracks together and sparked my ambition to make tunes! Before that, I mainly used to listen to a lot of heavy metal bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, Parkway Drive, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold etc.

PEARL: Who was your inspiration on the way up?
RAYMENT: Quite a lot of the producers coming out of Brazil, Sao Paolo, at the moment are great for inspiration: names such as Alex Senna and Bruno Magri are a couple that are doing well at the moment.

PEARL: Who taught you the tricks of the trade? Or are you self-taught?
RAYMENT: Initially when I started I received a handful of lessons from Zoolanda, as well as my good friend Matt Haigh (City Keys) but the rest I have learnt from watching many tutorials on YouTube which have been super helpful.

PEARL: What part of producing do you find the most challenging?
RAYMENT: Umm… tough question! Coming up with the initial idea is always hard. I find that once you have a bass-line down, the rest of it sort of just flows!

PEARL: Favourite gig and why?
RAYMENT: My favourite gig… would be a toss between my first ever set at Revolver and Tramp Jungle. I think my first gig at Jungle would take the cake as I really got to jam out all my favourite tracks.

You can find him doing his thing at his weekly residency ‘Korova Milkbar’ on Friday nights, as well as other regular spots at Wah Wah, Cloud Nine and Tramp Jungle. Head to his Soundcloud and see what all the fuss is about: www.soundcloud.com/lessismoar.



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