Red Ink’s Hometown Trifecta

Frankston:  A word synonymous with outlandishly down putting stories shown nearly every night on national TV.  Seriously – how many more drug effected, football loving, drunken teens, could come out of that dreaded station?  Times – they are a changing!  Time to look at the positives that this fabulous beach side suburb has produced!   Time to turn our attention to… Red Ink.

Red Ink was formed in one of the area’s premier secondary schools – Frankston High.  The music teacher suggested the now lead vocalist John Jakubenko and Brendan Jones start a group together.  That my friends, was the start of Red Ink.   Joining them was Andrew Jolly on drums and James Munns on Bass.

Fast-forward a decade this grassroots Melbourne indie-pop outfit Red Ink – the band known and loved for their infectious, dance floor-ready tunes have just released the self-titled debut LP.    The album is an exciting collection that sways from upbeat, energetic indie pop to atmospheric, pensive songs that leave you in a wistful daze.  The group wrote and recorded the collection in Berlin with Aussie-turned-Berlin based producer Simon Berckelman, known for his part in the legendary group Philadelphia Grand Jury.

Speaking with John on a Sunday I must say was an uplifting interview.  Not very often do you meet someone with a true desire to see others succeed.  This was what came across from the lead singer of Red Ink.  We discussed todays emerging acts; he wants all teens that are picking up a guitar, or starting up a group to remember, “you’ve just got to be good” says Jakubenko.  “People appreciate good acts as opposed to cool acts; listen to the words that are you are relaying in the songs – the words tell the story; they are the depth.  They essentially make you a good act”.  Jakubenko believes that there is a huge range of talent on the Peninsula, culturally and musically. He commented “some of the bands best moments were playing in Frankston, a small crowd of 30 or so people.  It made it just an intimate experience, just us and them”.  Jakubenko noted that “it took us a few years to get through our brains not to think of the next bigger venue we would play; stop looking at Beyonce stadium events or Radio Head playing to 100,000 punters.  Write good music, write good songs, just love your music and others will love it too”

Over the past decade, Red Ink have toured across Australia (multiple times) and have found success in Germany & mainland Europe.  They have played in festivals, arenas and small nightclubs.  Having graced the international stages of The Great Escape and Liverpool’s Sound City, the band have carved a name for themselves through their energetic live show. Remarkably, Red Ink have also built a strong following nation-wide by clocking up over a quarter of a million views on YouTube alone without any funding or label.

After playing the album downloadable on iTunes flat out all weekend, I would seriously recommend you catch them at one of the Frankston shows.  With the release of this album, I see more success coming to them in the future.  Larger Australian and international events are on the horizon.  This could be your chance to experience them live.

Red Ink play a trio of shows at The Pier Hotel Frankston on Saturday’s July 5, August 2 and September 5.  For details visit and band updates at



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