Perfect Tripod Line Up For Queenscliff

The line up for the 18th Queenscliff Music Festival has been announced, with The Jezabels, Xavier Rudd, The Waifs, Kasey Chambers, Stonefield and Perfect Tripod all set to take to the stage at the three day festival on 28-30 November.

Perfect Tripod combines the magnificent vocals of Eddie Perfect and Tripod members Simon Hall, Scott Edgar and Steven Gates. Their performances are renowned for twisting your emotions as they take you on a journey of breathtaking vocals with their arrangements of classic Australian hits before pulling out a generous serve of comedy that will have you in stitches.

“It’s mostly a capella the show so it’s a hell of a lot of singing. You kind of forget when you decide to do a capella you’re basically going to be singing 100% of the time,” said Simon Hall about Perfect Tripod’s Australian Songs show.

“One of you might take the lead in the song but all that means is you’re going to be singing something else the whole time, it’s wall to wall voices. For people who know Tripod’s sound and what we do on stage it’s a three part harmony and goofing around.  Adding to that is Eddie’s incredible voice, it really is, like you just see people take a breath when he sings some of those low notes because it’s such a fantastic sound.”

Tripod and Eddie Perfect first got together for what was meant to be a one off collaboration to rearrange and perform Paul Kelly’s Meet Me in the Middle of the Air.

“In 2007 Paul Kelly put on his show because he wanted to hear cabaret artists play his songs and that’s what we are apparently, cabaret artists. So Eddie approached us and we did that song, which took on a life of its own and we ended up doing it at the logics.  I also think we captured the combination of Tripod and Eddie in an unexpected moment and it’s kind of nice when that happens. It just really grew out of that, ” said Hall.

“These days more than ever inspiration comes from finding something different to do and sometimes that’s collaborating with someone else and that’s what keeps us going and what keeps it fun.”

Their Australian Songs show, which they performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and are currently performing some gigs around the country, sees Perfect Tripod rearrange Australian classics such as Hearts a Mess by Gotye, Overkill by Colin Hay, Errol by Australian Crawl and Not Pretty Enough by Kasey Chambers.

Even the original artists are fans of Perfect Tripod’s arrangements. Colin Hay tweeted that he was driving through the hills of LA listening to Perfect Tripod’s album that features one of his songs, which Hall explained was pretty “lively to hear.

Individually, the members of Perfect Tripod have all graced the silver screen as well as the stage. Eddie Perfect is known for his role in Offspring and for Shane Warne the Musical, the production he wrote and starred in. Simon Hall, Scott Edgar and Steven Gates have all appeared on popular show Skithouse as well as far too many other productions and tv shows to name.

Tripod have toured internationally, including to the Edinburgh International Comedy Festival where they found that whilst the humour of the crowds is the same as in Australia, audience members can be a bit bolder.

“I don’t know if there is an Australian sense of humour, if there is one I don’t know if we do it because performing overseas feels pretty much the same. A lot of our songs are about being nerds or being in long term relationships which are pretty universal things,” said Hall.

“I guess in Edinbourgh people are much more used to being an audience- they are more confident about what they like and what they don’t like and can be more vocal about it.”

This led to an unfortunate incident during a performance at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival one year. “We were a bit drunk, cocky and somehow we got in the middle of Bohemian Rhapsody and just kept looping. I don’t really know how it happened but it really fell apart. It’s really hard to get back on the rails when it’s a complicated arrangement and I think someone threw something at us,” laughed Hall, ever the comedian.

Perfect Tripod are sure to be a standout at Queenscliff Music Festival so don’t miss out on your double dose of comedy and music. Tickets for Queenscliff Music Festival are on sale now at with different ticketing options available for the number of days you wish to attend. For more information on a Perfect Tripod head to



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