Take Ten With Torren Foot

1. C’mon, tell us about yourself…
Im a Craft Beer Enthusiast who supports this habit by DJ’ing and writing shitty club tracks.

2. So how did it all begin?
I saw Chemical Brothers play a festival at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl and it rocked my world. I instantly fell in love with electronic music! Before that I used to listen to Blue’s Roots type stuff – Xavier Rudd, Jack Johnson and all those guys. Pretty abrupt transition haha!

3. Who are your influences?
I like to take influences from so many places, but at the moment I love Jack Beats, anything on Dirtybird and Diplo’s Instagram.

4. Who was your inspiration on your way up?
I would have to say: Daft Punk, Justice, Crookers and anyone else who were making those French-Electro bombs. I would say Diplo’s Instagram again, but I don’t think he had one then.

5. Where are you playing at the moment?
I was doing Wah Thursdays for a few years with the legends Nick Kennedy & Luke Montgomery but I took a step back to put more time into my productions. On a Saturday I do Anyway, Circus & Mynt Lounge on rotation, plus a few other guest spots. I’ve been doing a bit of travel lately, which has been a lot of fun!! It’s good to check out the vibe in other cities, see what the rest of the country is doing.

6. Did someone show you the tricks of the trade or are you self-taught?
In terms of production, I learnt everything I know from YouTube tutorials and a few publications like Computer Music & Future Music magazine. I would literally spend hours upon hours a day watching tutorials; I can’t stress how helpful they have been. The best thing about it is that there are no rules! The one point that has always been stressed to me is that regardless of how you did it, if it sounds good, it is good.

7.What part of producing do you find the most challenging?
Writing music haha I’m not musically trained in anyway, I am taking courses at the moment, which is helping, but for the most past I just write stuff out on the piano roll until I get something I think is tight.

8. Have you got any new tracks in the brew or any big things coming up?
Yeah I’ve got a couple of Originals that I’m really excited to put out, I’m just waiting for everything to fall into place. I’ve been dropping them in my sets, and they’ve been getting a good response, so I’m looking forward to their releases.

9. Favourite track of all time?
This is such a hard questions, because I have so many favourite tunes, but a track that always makes me smile would have to be Womack & Womack – Teardrops. It’s just an absolute jam; I imagine a lot of panties have dropped to that over the years.

10. Best club gig & why?
This is a hard one as well haha we’re blessed with so many amazing clubs in this country, but for sheer size, I would have to say the Palace (RIP) Main room for Anyway. Just to think of the amazing artists that have stepped onto that stage over the decades is pretty special.

11. P.S?
Rolling with the Love That Music Crew is super rad; those dudes know how to party!


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