Nibbles & Naughties (June 2014)

She gave it a good shot.She was telling me about how the needy are not having their needs met and how the starving were living in their space of famine. I could feel her emotion and her concern. I was not really buying into it because we do not have a food shortage. What we have is a poor food distribution.

“Do you know that Australians throw away 20% of the groceries that they buy?” I said

“What?” She replied. I don’t think she wanted me to interrupt her story.

“Up to 40% of the average household bin is food?” I continued.

I could see she was stumped for words. Her story that she tells so often was not going the usual way. Welcome my world.

“This wastage over one year is enough to feed an average household.” I said

“But what about the starving people in Africa?” She asked.

This was going to get me going.

“The British farmers have moved in there and have taken all their fish and are now farming ‘perfect beans’ over there for the supermarkets.” I told her.

“Thanks God for that!” She exclaimed.

“Really” I said “Do you know what happens to the ‘not so perfect’ beans that are not straight enough for the Woollies and Coles of the world?”

“No.” She said. I could see she was speechless.

“Well they get thrown away or are fed to cattle.” I continued. “They do not get fed to the starving over there in any shape or form. In fact here in Australia 40% of the organic foods get rejected by the supermarkets because the potatoes are not round enough, the apples have blemishes on them and the beans have spots and we support that by buying these ‘perfect’ foods.” I could feel my emotions rising now. Do not even get me started on seasonal foods!

“Do you know the people who waste the most food?” I asked her.

“No.” She started shrinking.

“People aged 18 to 24, those with an income over $100,000 and families with children.” I was on a roll. “ Do you have a compost? Do you have chickens? Do you know what the legal implications in Victoria for passing on old food?”

Deep Breath out.

Another staff member came in to save the poor lady.


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