Live Versions (Tame Impala)

Tame Impala


A special “record day” release, the Live Versions are songs taken from one of the bands recent US shows (they don’t get specific on where exactly). It opens as every live LP should, with a crowd going nuts. The set list is really cool, it’s not loaded with hits, and they balance the old and the new playing five out nine from there latest album Lonerism. Elephant is probably the only noticeable song missing, with it being such a big recent tune for them, but they do say in the liner notes that the show is actually over an hour long, but could only fit 40 minutes on vinyl, so they made some cuts. They’re a psychedelic rock band so the live versions are pretty interesting and awesome to listen to. They’re also known for having a good live show, and it comes through how tight they play together.