Winter Is A-Comin, Hump Day Is A-Risin

Winter is a-coming, Humpday is a-rising.

The cold season is well and truly upon us, but do not despair, because thing’s are only just starting to heat up at Humpday-Project Wednesdays!

Some people say that if you have a product that works you should stick with it, but the Humpday crew have a different philosophy; evolution, adaption and change. It has become an all too common practice throughout Melbourne clubs in recent times, to leave successful products unchanged and push them until they become stale, repetitive and ultimately become unsuccessful.

The team down at Humpday understands a successful nightclub is built on more than the success of one product. It takes a keen understanding of your audience, and involves constant evolution to keep up with our ever-changing music scene. It’s one of the dynamic differences that set’s Humpday-Project Wednesday’s apart from other club nights.

True to their style they have added 2 unique residents for the winter season, the commercial queen Miss Courtney Mills and Prince Of Wales night club’s hottest DJ duo; The Priestley Sisters! Add to this a handful of talented new young guns, a select group of Melbourne’s elite, and the ever-reliable crew, you are left with an irresistible recipe for an unforgettable month of May.



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