‘S’ for Spectacular

Fusing contemporary dance, acrobatics and circus skills, award-winning Australian group Circa, perform breathtaking physical feats that boggle the mind and capture the imagination keeping audiences on the edge of their seats. Artistic Director Yaron Lifschitz creates incredibly imaginative visual narratives with choreography so mesmerizingly beautiful it’s often referred to as physical poetry.

“S” is their latest spectacular performance piece celebrating the curves, sinuousness and plurality of its namesake letter.  Seven acrobats flip, twist, hang, tangle and fly through the air challenging the limits of the human body.  An intoxicating musical soundtrack by the Kronos Quartet harmonizes perfectly in a symphony of sound and body.

Originally from Brisbane, these young performers have toured the globe entertaining audiences in over 20 countries. Sold-out performances worldwide necessitated training a second troupe to keep up with demand. Their latest touring company includes former Bayside local, Brittanie Portelli, whose background in aerobic gymnastics and childhood interest in circus brought her to Circa. Audiences can see her fly in “S”.

Emotionally evocative and physically inspiring, “S” is a unique performance sure to captivate its audience at the Frankston Arts Centre, Tuesday, May 14 at 8 pm. Bookings: 9784 1060 www.thefac.com.au