Nobody’s Somebody (Susy Blue)

Nobody’s Somebody
Susy Blue


Melbourne Singer-songwriter Susy Blue is releasing her anticipated new album Nobody’s Somebody. Chock full of amazing vocals, interesting songwriting and a whole lot of different genres, the LP delivers on being a good listen from start to finish. Murder Bolero sweeps open the album with a dark gypsy sound, the track feels like a dramatic mini opera, evoking a lots imagery. It goes upbeat next on the calypso tune Wish In My Dish.

Gone Now with it’s driving rhythm takes us into country territory, but we’re brought back with the sinister surf track Baby I’m Bored, which has some cool guitar, as do a lot of the songs. The back half of the album keeps up the pace of genre hopping, Hopefully I’ll Die takes us back to an upbeat rhythm, with Susy’s vocals sounding extra amazing.

Soft strings carry the album out on a cloud in Almost Love You.