Just Jiggers

Born into a musical family, it came as no surprise that Jiggers ambitions lied with music. At only 20 years old, he has a strong background of making music, from being a die-hard rock metal fan and making it as a kid, to producing EDM from the age of 17, and influenced by the music at house parties which gave him his kick start – and he aint stopping anytime soon. 

“I’m a self-taught DJ & Producer, but my dad who is also a musician showed me around the studio and still to this day is always the one to fix any technical difficulty I may have.” – and still to this day he uses the same program as he did years and years ago to make his rock songs, Sonar.

“I got my first club gig at a little venue in Fitzroy called First Floor 393, exactly a year ago as of Anzac Day Eve.”

Influenced by many artists for many reasons including innovation, melodies or simply just their talent in the studio; Deorro with the melodies, Reece Low and his pristine production, Will Sparks’ unique talent and many other artists including Tom Clayton, Swedish House Mafia & Samual James just to name a few have always captivated Jiggers to become who he is today.

“I was never a big clubber. I always preferred to stay home in the studio…” which pushed his early inspirations to be more production based rather than the vibe in a club. “But I’d have to say the DJ’s that influenced me to start trying to make my name in the clubbing industry are Darkfrance & Bombs Away… seeing the vibe they gave off made me so badly want to get up on stage!”

You can catch the man in the flesh playing at Cloud Nine, Wah Wah Lounge, Noizy Neighbours, Dakota, Korova and even the out-of-town gigs such as Ballarat, Bendigo, Warragul & more.

“My favourite club gig to date would have to be Cloud Nine’s 1st birthday versus legend Matty Lincoln. The vibe on that night was phenomenal!”

There’s a few big things in the brew that he’s really excited about, including collaborations with Press Play, Tom Clayton, Wally, one with a rapper, one with a vocalist and a remix for Brooklyn Fire Records – all waiting for the go-ahead from the record labels before they’ll be up on www.soundcloud.com/jiggers101 – watch this space.



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