Aera (Xylouris Ensemble)

Xylouris Ensemble


Luckily music crosses the language barrier, because there are very few words I can understand on this album, even the name I needed help with, Aera (Air).

The Xylouris Ensemble are a multi-generational band from Melbourne, playing mostly instrumental music. Founded back in 1990, they do there own take on traditional Irish and Cretan music. The instrumentation is really cool, with lutes and lyra’s and a bunch of other instruments I’ve never heard of, (eg. Tombak, lafta).

helidonaki – Rizitiko has haunting vocals, sung acapella by Dee Hannan acapella. Round and Round has that Irish sound where you can easily see Guinness being knocked back and visualize people dancing.

The musicality across the album is quite astounding.