Light On The Horizon

Voicing a night in Port Phillip Bay, artist and composer, Shaun Rigney has created a beautiful and arresting audiovisual work, The Beacons. Originally composed for radio broadcast on ABC Classic FM in 1997, Rigney has added video and distilled photographic prints from that video to its original audioscape of found sounds, poetry, music and audio collage.

Unusual and captivating, The Beacons, put its audience in the place of those beacons dotting the horizon of the Port Phillip Bay on a given night listening to the sounds and minding the lights that provide direction and company through the narrow shipping channels amidst an otherwise vast darkness.

Screens nightly between 7 and 10 pm until Friday, April 18 at G3 Artspace, Shirley Burke Theatre, Parkers Road, Parkdale. Admission is free.