Australia’s Got The Wolfe Brothers

Being a contestant on Australia’s Got Talent has worked wonders for The Wolfe Brothers, according to bassist Tom Wolfe. PEARL caught up with him to find out what’s been happening since coming off the small screen.  

Stepping outside of a television contestant show is like being a new kid on the block as Wolfe explains, “It has been a big learning experience. Before this we were playing in pubs and clubs, and all of a sudden we are doing bigger stages and bigger venues. There is a lot more pressure but we love it. Our band is about is trying to let the fans have the best time they possibly can. It’s so nice to be out there playing music especially after Australia’s Got Talent and to come off that show and make the band our living is incredible.”

It is not all good for some reality contestants, but Wolfe would never distance himself from the show that gave the band success. “There are a lot of stories where people have had bad experiences from the show, however the stuff that has happened over the last year has been amazing and it is because of the exposure we got. [Being runner-up] has been a real positive experience.”

The band has released their debut album It’s On since stepping into the limelight, which has been a great adventure for all members. Wolfe explains, “We started that album before Australia’s Got Talent and basically did everything ourselves. We had our own studio and did all the guitars and drums but it was not until after the show that we got in contact with ABC, who wanted to work together with us. We had an album [ready] and we wanted to release it.”

The band’s latest single The Girl, The Bottle, The Memory is a true story as Wolfe explains. “It is about my ex-girlfriend and each of us wanting different things. I wanted to be a musician and she wanted to settle down and start a family. We lived completely different lives and basically just drifted apart. [Lead singer] Nick wrote the song from the outside and just watched the relationship fall apart.”

The Wolfe Brothers have spent a lot of time with Lee Kernaghan over the past year, who has been their idol for a very long time. Wolfe says, “Lee has taken us under his wing and has been a huge support. We have done a duet and have travelled around Australia and have really looked up to him over the years. To be working with him is unbelievable.”

This month we see The Wolfe Brothers performing at Hallam Hotel for a very special show, as he explains. “We have been there before and had an absolute ball and we have really wanted to come back. We’re going to give you every ounce of energy and we want everyone dancing!” Wolfe goes on to say, “Everyone deserves a night off and that’s what it is all about … Just having a good time!”

It’s On is out now through ABC/Universal. The Wolfe Brothers perform at Hallam Hotel on Thursday October 17, with tickets available through Ticketmaster or the Hallam Hotel. Visit for more details.


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