Adopt A Hotspot

Tired of Graffiti in your Community? Want to do something about it? If you, like many other community members, want to be involved in a project that promotes positive community engagement and pride in the Hastings area, this may be for you!

This project, like ‘Adopt A Highway’ is a community based project that connects Schools, the Shire, Police and various agencies in the community to not only prevent graffiti and vandalism but to promote community pride in the local environment. There are some areas or ‘Hotspots’ identified by the local Police as well as businesses and community groups as being targets for graffiti. Mornington Peninsula Shire with the support of the Department of Justice, Hastings Police and Westernport Chamber of Commerce will give local Schools, Services and Community Groups an opportunity to develop creative strategies that work towards removing and preventing further graffiti damage at the identified ‘Hotspots’. Each group that pledges to ‘Adopt a Hotspot’ will commit to monitoring and maintaining their piece for a 12 month period and will work closely with the property owners, the Hastings Police and council officers at the Mornington Peninsula Shire.

To further support these measures, workshops will also be provided to local schools and community groups along with community information sessions to help the community prevent further graffiti to certain areas.

If your Community Group is interested in getting involved please contact Catherine West at Mornington Peninsula Shire on 5950 1666 or 0419 572 863.