Grace Glides Into Town

PEARL Magazine went one-on-one with Grace Knight as she tells us of her upcoming reunion with her band Eurogliders. The frontwoman cannot wait to be reminiscing and performing all of her greatest hits to her Australian audience, the fans that she grew up with.
Knight does not have a single proudest moment when narrowing down her years in the music industry. She explains, “The fact that I am still here after 35 years is incredible! I have performed in front of presidents and royalty; I am lucky enough to just have this career and to be still going.”
Being a multi-skilled woman, Knight has concentrated on her solo career for the past 20 years. She compares her solo work to her beloved band, “I have been recording Jazz for many years now and it has doubled my time in Eurogliders. There are so many fantastic songs out there that have been so well crafted that it is just a mind of fantastic tracks that I can choose from. There is a different space in Pop music and Jazz, with Jazz being a lot more refined.”
Eurogliders’ biggest hit Heaven (Must Be There) will be forever remembered. Knight tells us of what occurred at the time the song became popular, “We were still quite new and we had a couple of hits before that but it was always very exciting to hear our track. As soon the opening bars would appear on the radio, we would tell everyone to be quiet because we wanted to hear what the DJ had to say. By that stage we had reached our goal of becoming a recognised band.”
For the case of Eurogliders it is “what happens on the road stays on the road’. However Knight tells a small tale of what touring was like back in the 80s, “In Puerto Rico, we were supporting Toto in a massive football stadium. We did have one mishap that morning where Bernie Lynch caused a fire in the hotel room from a plastic element by making a cup of tea. We soon made our way to the airport back to the United States and we were thankful we didn’t get caught (laughs).”

“I didn’t realise how many hits Eurogliders have”, Knight explains as she goes through the back catalogue for the upcoming tour. “When I think back on our career, I think of Heaven (Must Be There) and We Will Together. We are going to play 90 minutes worth of hits including Maybe Only I Dream, Absolutely, Another Day in the Big World, The City of Soul, and Can’t Wait To See You. We will be doing a couple of new ones as well. For the most part we will get up and sing the songs that people know and love and remember Eurogliders for.”

Catch Eurogliders live at Chelsea Heights Hotel on Thursday 8 August. Tickets are available from the venue or through Ticketmaster.


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