Australian singer-songwriter Maxon is currently shaking audiences with her trademark vocal and boundless song-writing talents. Her writing is stylistic of a diary entry; clandestine and forthright. Such confessional writing is bound to a vulnerable stage presence and a voice soaked in command, as Maxon’s audiences witness the tale of the gifted singer and her battle through the trials and tribulations of love and its conditions.

Written in the confines of a small Brisbane apartment, Maxon’s new single, ‘Best Shot’, is for the thirty-somethings that constantly battle the feeling of time fleeting. A conversation with the bully inside her head, Maxon battles these thoughts head on in this track. Produced by Jono Steer (Gretta Ray, Angie McMahon, Ainslie Wills), this sophisticated pop track is drenched with powerful vocals and thought-provoking lyrics.

When you turn 30 and you’re in an industry like the music industry, you immediately think your time is up. And this voice starts… ‘you’re too old, you’re not good enough, you can’t do this on your own, you won’t make it ra ra ra’. MAKE IT STOP! So I dug deep and figured out how to talk back to this voice. And so I wrote this conversation piece.” – Maxon

Previous releases have received praise from tastemakers such as triple J alum, Gemma Pike, “Vocals that’d make London Grammar quiver, and guitars with the same kinda gut-punch as Julien Baker. I think I just held my breath for three and a half minutes straight,” – Gemma Pike

In her time as an artist, Maxon has performed alongside some of Australia’s sweethearts, including Angie McMahon, Alex Lahey, Essie Holt and many more. To celebrate the release of her new track, Maxon will be doing several shows throughout Melbourne.

‘Best Shot’ OUT NOW!!!