Taking a nod from The Who’s trusted, maxim of Maximum RnB, Backyard Brew roll out more live music on the menu with both barrels at Mornington’s Royal Hotel every other Sunday in March.

It all starts out fairly mellow, a ruse perhaps to rope in the most reluctant of toe tappers. Covers from Van Morrison, Marvin Gaye, Clapton and the Stones, rub up against more contemporary upstarts Amy Winehouse and Donavon Frankenrieter. There’s common ground here and “The Brew” do what a good brew should: Blend and ferment, distilling and concentrating the flavours.

Halfway in, and any prior dissent or resting greasies from the hard line have evaporated into fancy footwork and wide smiles, as the band implore you to “take’ em to the river”. More Soul drenched Rock n Roll mayhem follows as Stevie Winwood, Wonder and Ray Vaughn are slapped about a bit and chucked in the ring with Pickett and Palmer. Honky Tonk Women strut the perimeter, ring girl scorecard’s aloft. What’s next, who’s next?… You really got me!…

By nights end The Who are fighting it out with Proud Mary, no winners or losers, just a glorious Resurrection Shuffle of artists connected by a golden thread. It’s got blues that rhumba, Rock that Rolls. It’s bittersweet, incendiary, ‘kiss me quick’ and wink for me. Ingredients drawn from the well of life, laid down with integrity and humour. These fellas have been everywhere man and there ain’t no stoppin’ now.

Jim Love Vocals and Rhythm Guitar. Middlesbrough born, Love thumbed a ride to London back in 85 to co found seminal underground Alt Rock rag “House of Dolls”. Playing all the famous clubs, and festivals including Reading, Glasters, Roskilde to name a few, Love found himself touring the world as Bass man for Tricky before jumping ship in Melbourne on the Big Day out tour 96.  Sliding in to the Oz DJ invasion Love formed “Rocktronica” nut jobs Pound System and went on to remix the cream of Oz music from Renee Geyer to Kylie and toured the concept around the country.

Ray Luckhurst, Lewisham South London, Bass Player sound engineer to the London hi ups and hordes, Stiff Records Tours. Tin Pan Alley trader. He’s worked with ‘em all and can spin a yarn or two.

Wayne Copelin, Melbourne, Lead Guitar. Man of Mystery. There’s tales from the top end and QLD of endless roadhouses barrooms and musters. He knows all the chords and all the licks, a true master of his craft.

Frank Papalia, Melbourne, Drums. A man possessed of fine vintage kits and funky grooves. The beating heart and soul of Backyard Brew, the connection between Frank and Ray as a rhythm section is truly top shelf and a joy to experience.

This motley mix of raw, raspy vocals, power driven riffs and Godspeed-groove-geezers, blend perfectly to create the ultimate Backyard Brew.  Jimmy Love and the Brew boys have toes tapping and tongues wagging, come see why!

Backyard Brew perform Sundays March 18 and April 1 at Mornington’s Royal Hotel from 3pm. For more information find Backyard Brew on Facebook.