Thomas Hugh is releasing his new album ‘You the Crowd’ and you’re invited to Gods Kitchen on Sunday June 4 to help him celebrate. 

Thomas will be joined by Shannon Bourne to play the new album as well as his back catalogue and some surprises thrown in. ‘You the Crowd’ was produced by Shannon Bourne (Russell Morris, Chris Wilson, Monique Brumby) and Benny Harwood (Geoff Achison) at Cross Modal Productions in Melbourne. This exciting new album captures the hauntingly beautiful sounds Thomas has been putting out for the last 10 years.

Thomas and Shannon bring a desert folk vibe to Thomas’ rootsy songs of life…harking back to Thomas’ days growing up in Austin, TX to the dusty roads out west in LA to living permanently in Melbourne – when the two get together a journey begins and travels like a very long road.

Join Thomas Hugh with Shannon Bourne on Sunday June 4 from 5pm at God’s Kitchen, 53 barklay Street, Mornington. For more details Ph 5976-8666 or find thomashugh on Facebook.