For over a decade now the Dekmantel Festival have grown from humble beginnings in its native Netherlands to become one of the most popular and respected brands in the world. Known for a curated line-up which consists of only the best in niche and underground house and techno acts, the festival hosts an international clientele of travelling revelers which always include a huge dedicated group of Australians. It’s with this in mind, and great excitement, that Novel can announce a very special partnership with one of the globe’s foremost festival brands, Dekmantel!

On 20th of February 2016 Novel will host the Dekmantel crew in Melbourne for their debut Antipodean show. Having spread the Dekmantel gospel with events all over Europe, it was only a matter of time before the brand made its way down under. If you have ever been to a Dekmantel Festival then you know what to expect: Amazing and cutting–edge music, impressive production, and an educated crowd of electronic music lovers.




Tale of Us are Berlin-based musical partnership Karm and Matteo who are currently re-writing the rulebook for deeply moving, emotional electronic music. Their music and productions are a mixture of genres ranging from pop to house, disco to rock with everything in between.


Keep techno FXHE. How much is there left to say about Alex O. Smith? The Detroit producer has remained breathtakingly consistent since his debut twelve years ago. With the exception of a singular EP for Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature in 2009, all of his implacable analog bliss has come out through his own FXHE, a label that is thus nothing but pure Detroit gold.


New York’s Mike Servito is a lifelong music fanatic with a truly unique ability to move a dance floor. Fearless in his seamless transitions from one style to another, Servito has an unpredictability and a deep trust in his music knowledge that has garnered him a cult following over the years. Not a regular on the European club scene so get your chance and see this truly amazing artist.


Amsterdam’s unofficial but widely respected night mayor, cult figure, and party raiser but far and foremost a true musician turned DJ turned producer. Get ready for some psychedelic post-punk informed black house explorations.


Anthony Naples is a musician and producer currently based in Berlin. His music is often described as a raw and left field mixture of House and electronic music. His debut release “Mad Disrespect” was an underground succes and in the early months of 2013, three 12″ were released in quick succession – most notably a slightly abstract four-track EP on The Trilogy Tapes imprint. 2015 sees his album debut on Four Tet’s Text Records.


Mikhaylo Vityk aka Vakula aka Vedomir aka is a Ukrainian wonder boy with a unique style of both DJing and musical production. Vityk is known for being a driving force of modern house music and also for his two record labels: Bandura, where he focuses on combining Detroit sound and deep, space out house, and Leleka, where he releases his experiments with melodies, ethnic elements and music from the mid 60s, 70s and 80s.


Although the common denominator is obvious here – an indisputable love for quality electronic music – the strength of Thomas Martojo, Casper Tielrooij and Jan van Kampen lies in their complementary skills when taking complete control of the crowd. Prepare for something extraordinary when the three of them share the decks.