After a chain reaction of events including no venues being booked for the Melbourne and Sydney shows, a bunch of international acts announcing that they had in fact pulled out of the festival, and the ticketing agent Eventopia issuing a statement today distancing itself from the fate of Soundwave 2016 due to the low amount of ticket sales, putting the event at risk of cancellation.

Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah posted on twitter earlier:
“Essentially here are the brief facts: Eventopia were supposed to give SW a scheduled advance to pay deposits to NOFX and [Bring Me The Horizon].

“Their CFO changed her mind and decided not make the advance but didn’t tell anyone. so we (SW & bands) waited and waited for $.

“If they had informed us that scheduled funds were cancelled we could have made other arrangements. So now we are in bad situation.

“There have been discussions today. I’m waiting on Eventopia/Ticketek to make their decision. We cannot hold festival without their support. As soon as I hear from them, I will let you know.”

Eventopia had then struck back at Maddah with their post stating that they only took orders from the event promoters and that the likelihood of the continuation of the festival was out of their control.

This afternoon, AJ then took to Twitter an official announcement claiming that Soundwave will no longer be going ahead due to poor ticket sales.

Soundwaves ticketing agent Eventopia also claims the promoters are responsible for refunds.