Last year fünf invited you to disappear with us. We hung bright lights from the ceilings of Shed 14; we sent boats down a river; we danced to a soundtrack of Hot Chip DJs, Matthew Dear, Henry Saiz and more of the world’s finest names in house and techno. This year, fünf brings you the second instalment of HOLEANDCORNER; a concept designed with a sole purpose: to give you a taste of something familiar, yet unexpected.

Again, meticulously picked, the line-up aims to create a sound world with neat and sometimes heavy beats laying the foundation for intricate details on top, with the influence of ‘90s house running throughout the day.

In HOLEANDCORNER’s pursuit of rare experiences, it moves to a new bespoke space that will be transformed into the type of visceral, otherworldly urban habitat that made last year’s party so special. HOLEANDCORNER invites you to dive into the unknown as we lead you into uncharted territory. This year’s limited capacity site will be unveiled on November 4th, but we can’t promise tickets won’t be sold out by then. HOLEANDCORNER rewards those willing to make the call.

Moodyman (USA)
Kenny Dixon Jr., AKA Moodyman is one of the most enigmatic and charismatic figures that house music has ever seen, with an unmistakable fingerprint. Dixon began to establish his electronic sound while working at several record stores in Detroit in the mid nineties. His rise to fame, however, followed his venture into a rapidly growing French house scene – a sort of neo-disco exploration of samples from the seventies and early eighties.
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Scuba (UK)
SCUBA (Paul Rose) began in Britain’s underground garage scene in the early noughties during the ripe beginnings of dubstep – a style prominent in his early sounds. From there he progressed to bright techno, playing long summer seasons in Ibiza and then demonstrated a darker side with his 2014 album Claustrophobia – a time when he said he was ‘ready to do something different’.
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Petar Dundov (HRV)
Peter Dundov, a Croatian producer, says that ‘techno is music…is dance music, solid enough to carry emotions through the dance floor and abstract enough to be a template for ever’. Born in the early ‘70s, Dundov’s impact on the techno scene has lasted more than 20 years as he has partaken in many world-class festivals (e.g. I Love Techno and Awakenings and Wire). His style can be called minimalist, but it seeks to create emotion and power in a whole sense.
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Late Nite Tuff Guy (AUS)
LATE NITE TUFF GUY is a new breed of disco vigilante, prowling the neon streets on a mission from God / David Mancuso to reclaim the clubs and fuck shit up. The scandalous alter-ego of genuine techno legend HMC (known to his momma as Cam Bianchetti), Late Nite Tuff Guy (LNTG) puts the acrimony in acronym, the oh in disco, the amp in camp and the dang in dangerous. His shit’s controversial, but it don’t stink.
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Tornado Wallace (AUS)
Lewie Day has been a producer in Melbourne for almost a decade. His style has a little more swish and funk, although still lies in the ‘house’ domain with carefully chosen samples and sounds. He likes to play on influences of disco, soul, house and Detroit techno and playfully names his tracks after Victorian locations (like Kangaroo Ground and Ferntree Gully), perhaps trying to make Melbourne a ‘house’-hold name.
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