Thick As Thieves is bringing together two of the world’s biggest live techno acts for a phenomenal show at this year’s Melbourne Music Week. Cobblestone Jazz and Mathew Johnson both set to blow the lid off the roof of the Former Royal Women’s Hospital, for a night that cannot be missed. Ever since their conception in 2002, Cobblestone Jazz have been at the pinnacle of live techno improvisation. Consisting of Mathew Jonson, Danuel Tate and Tyger Dhula, the Canadian trio have been responsible for some of the most groundbreaking music ever released.

Away from Cobblestone Jazz, Mathew Jonson has honed in on his own sound as one of the most definitive producers of the time, and with the release of his upcoming fabric compilation (touted to be one of the series’ best yet), Jonson is set to continue his reign as one of techno’s finest.

The support on the night will come from veteran Melbourne DJs T-Rek and Mike Callander who need no introduction.

To compliment the night, Krystal Schultheiss will be on board as a visual artist for the show. Krystal experiments with the visual interpretation of rhythm, flow of movement and visual abstraction as an expression of a phenomenological encounter with reality. With work for events like Gertrude Film Festival, Melbourne White Nights, Digital Graffiti (USA) and Rainbow Serpent festival, be prepared for an aural and visual sensory overload.


Cobblestone Jazz (CAN)

The Canadian trio originally began only as a live improvisation outfit and for years didn’t release any music for years. But once they firmly set themselves at the helm of production, it was clear magic was about to happen. Receiving critical acclaim for their two outstanding albums, which featured modern classics such a ‘Dump Truck’ and ‘India In Me’, Cobblestone Jazz have gone on to become vital cogs in the global techno stage. Be prepared for live jazz improvisation with a twist of techno genuis.

Mathew Jonson

Mathew Jonson (CAN)

Stepping aside from Cobblestone Jazz to pursue his own musical endeavours, Mathew Johnson found his niche, establishing a reputation as one of a kind. An inimitable sound that is instantly recognisable as his own, it is a rare fusion of populist intensities and nuanced musically. A rule maker and undoubtedly a rule breaker, Mathew Johnson takes crowded dancefloors on a journey that is unpredictable and unforgettable.