When Nirvana released Smells Like Teen Spirit they not only appealed to a generation of their time, but also have a legacy that lives on, a legacy of reckless youth. True descendants of this legacy are band The VANNS, although there is a degree of separation in genre, The VANNS songs are still based on the values of youth, recklessness, drinking and doing what you love, a set of morals and values witch definitely appeals to teens and early adults today.

Spotify is actually where I discovered The VANNS, the first song I ever heard from them was Guilty Love and I instantly fell in love with their sound, I’ve been a fan of indie music for a very long time and eventually you just get used to the tone of music they produce, the set apart thing for The Vanns is their upbeat poppy way of delivering music, James Vann has vocal genius that I’m in love with, and along with Adam Bernich (Bass), Lachlan James (D) has worked out how to perfectly give every instrument space to be heard.  If you’re a VANNS virgin, listen to Operator, How It Used To Be and my personal favourite song Belmore Street.

Despite 3 national tours, playing HOMEBAKE and Party In The Paddock and opening for huge Aussie acts like Kingswood, Sticky Fingers, The Griswolds and North East Party House (just to name a few) The VANNS are still quite a young band. The boys have been together for almost 3 years now and it doesn’t look like The VANNS party will be coming to an end for a while.

Their newest song Operator has a definite groove to it and is bound to become exceptionally popular, very quickly, the delivery of the song overall paired with the catchy as hell lyrics make for a hit song that I will definitely be blasting through the car on long drives. If you listen to Operator and love it too, there’s a chance you’ll be as excited as I am about Scattered By Sundown, The VANNS second EP set to be released February 13th, on this release they worked with the legendary Mark Opitz who has worked with great Aussie acts like AC/DC and INXS, so here’s to hoping that The VANNS received the touch of fame and will skyrocket into an international act very soon!

This year from The VANNS you can expect to sea lot of touring, more shows than ever before, their new EP an maybe even an album, but as for this tour, the boys say you can expect “New songs, crazy live shows and party times!” be sure to catch The VANNS!  The VANNS join The Delta Riggs and My Echo as part of Urban Spread at Chelsea Heights Hotel Friday July 31 from 8pm.  Tickets available from the venue or Moshtix.