The Zombie Apocalypse Shooter show, ‘Lazarus’, and the tactical shooter ‘Battle Apocalypse’ games have landed at the Melbourne Showgrounds. For a strictly limited season until May 10th, the infected undead will be waiting around every corner of an apocalyptic set with a labyrinth of rooms and corridors, where deep within an abandoned, over-run medical facility, teams of survivors, use military simulation, tactical laser weaponry to shoot out zombies before they take over the full facility!

Horror Corp Entertainment and the Oz Apocalypse team have built Australia’s first ‘in real life’ tactical laser tag theatrical set, developed and designed by Apocalypse Global USA, and tactical military-esque laser guns manufactured by iCombat USA. Check out to see these bad boys!

This interactive laser experience, has almost 40 actors and crew working in and behind the scenes to bring you all the scares and fun you want on some player participation missions and tasks – all whilst the hungry undead keep coming at you from hidden corners wanting more brains!!!

The Zombie Apocalypse shooter show takes place in a blackened-out, light-controlled battle zone arena, so it doesn’t matter what time of day it is – players will step into an ominous light controlled world to fight ravenous zombies.

For the coming two weeks, starting from Friday PM, then all the days on Saturday and Sunday, shooters can be dedicated to exterminating the dreaded Lazarus Virus in the Zombie Apocalypse shooter experience. Weeknights give those who love games like ‘Call of Duty’ the chance to combat team vs team in the BATTLE APOCALYPSE arena with an armory of life-like, military-grade laser weaponry. Weekdays give way to Corporate Team Builder groups with Shooter Battles and strategic Death Match games with this laser firepower on steroids!
Hey, you don’t need to get a full team – just grab a friend or two and head down to Gate 5, Lang Street at the Melbourne Showgrounds during opening times for some major shooter fun!

With only a couple of weeks left and many sessions already booked out, check out for session times and for your tix to this live action shooter group of events.

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Remember, Shoot for the head to keep ’em dead!