Three Sixty. 360. 3ree6ixty. Say it how you want. Love him, dislike him or leave him. This guy has made Australia stand up, listen and discuss. From our school kids – yes your children – who know his songs as anthems to our older generation who are interested to find out more about this inspirational Australian icon after a memorable appearance on ABC’s Q&A. He has made you all stand up and start to talk about something that hits us all in the face – every day – on every tv show we watch to every radio station we listen to – splashed all over you tube – even in the local streets. Inequality, racism & bullying. Now don’t get me wrong – he is not calling us all racist bullies – he is pointing out that we can work as one race – the human race.

As we are Australians – I am sure you would have heard of the tall poppy syndrome that is hugely popular here in Australian society – for those who are unaware of what this means – it’s simple. Get too big and we will cut you right down to size again. 360 is getting to the height – ready for the chop. His Facebook page has over 760 thousand likes and still he is constantly berated by so called ‘fans’ saying ‘he has sold out his craft’ to some of our well known radio broadcasters and journalists writing one sided unfounded articles about him. He certainly has ruffled some feathers…………….you may say.

Pearl sat down with 360 earlier this year to chat about his regional tour that was later postponed only to re-emerge, re-branded Retopia and arriving at Chelsea Heights Hotel next month. I was surprised & really excited by this interview. This man is not what you would expect. The art work on the outside of his body and the persona he portrays are not representative of the quietly spoken, forward thinking, positively driven person I interviewed. He really is concerned for our future of our country and wants to make a positive change in the lives of the younger generation.

If you have ever listened to a 360 song and sang along with the lyrics, try to have a think about them. Take a look on line & reflect. All of the language used is positive (mostly). Making change, growth – bettering a situation, asking for help, enjoying time you have with friends and family. The last album 360 released was called Utopia for good reason. This is the world according to him. His very own Utopia – a perfect place, no racism, no inequality, no bullying. This is what he was referring too when he spoke out on Q&A about racism in Australia & what the Australian flag now represents to him. The journalist that ran with it must have missed most of the show; he did not only comment on the issues of black/white/ yellow/ pink or green – he also mentioned the acceptance of same sex couples, the acceptance of all people equally. How the times have changed and he questioned when did we start to accept this? A question that is quite relevant.

When you enter the shows that 360 and his crew put on – you will find yourself in the 360 bubble. No hate, no racism, no intolerance or bullying will be tolerated. Don’t accept his rules? Forfeit your ticket and leave. He will actually stop the show till you either calm yourself down and conform to the crowd or well……..leave. This is a show of a person who actually does what he says. He talks the talk and walks the walk. His inspirational lyrics have meaning when you have someone who will live by them.
We asked what everyone can expect to see at at The Heights…. ’We will be playing some older songs from What You See Is What You Get through Flying and Falling through to Utopia (which has just gone Gold). I’m working on some new songs at the moment – they may even get a little pre-release sample”.

Maybe it’s time to stop focusing on the negative and all move to the 360 Bubble way of thinking. To me it seems like a nice, safe place to be. Where everyone is accepted for who they are and what they do. Bad dancing, being the ‘wrong’ color, loving the ‘wrong’ person. No bullying, no hate no judging. Just good music, good times and dare I say it…………..a little bit of fun!

360’s Retopia Regional Tour stops at the Chelsea Heights Hotel on Friday May 8. Doors open at 8pm and tickets are available from tMoshtix or the venue

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