One of the most important figures in electronic music heads back to Australia!

Phil Kieran started his career in Belfast as a much loved resident at Shine Club, going from local heavyweight to global superstar in a flash. With releases on Skint, Soma, Cocoon, Snork and running his own PKR imprint, it’s hard to turn a corner without bumping into Phil Kieran. An approach to techno like few others, which Kieran modulates and refines from year to year. Now, 15 years after his first ever release, the perfectionist ceases to rest, continuing to tour, continuing to make music for his fans and continuing to inspire the dance community.

Using Belfast as his base Phil Kieran plies his DJ trade in the best clubs worldwide, over the past decade or so Phil has gained his reputation as one of the finest club DJs in the world. He brings the same drive, conscientiousness and desire for each set to be the very best to his DJing.

Phil has worked with many top musicians and DJs including Peter Hook, Gary Numan, Green Velvet, Speedy J and David Holmes, and is rightly proud of being hand picked by Martin Gore to remix Depeche Mode’s Sweetest Perfection. ‘As I heard it he was only allowed to pick one person and he picked me, which is great’.

When people meet Phil they might be surprised that underneath the good humour and easy charm lies the dedication and determination that has carried him so far but as he himself puts it ‘I always took the attitude that this has to be the best I can possibly do, and you have to take that attitude or what’s the point?’. Indeed.

When at home he loves spending his days in the studio, creating sounds from the things he has gathered up. Sometimes he’s sampling drums off random disco and electro records from the 70’s and 80’s, at other times he’s using different microphones to record shakers, tambourines, live drums, guitars, vocals, cello, anything that makes an interesting sound. Then he mixes them to create melodies through his synths and it’s all processed on his vintage compressors and valve outboard gear, and through the big old battered 1970’s mixing desk that dominates the room. All in the pursuit of a different sound, something unique, and it’s clear that Phil has achieved that: like many great producers he has a distinct something that means when you hear a track of his, no matter in what genre, you know instantly it’s Phil.

Although when people think of Phil they immediately think techno, his releases have been as diverse as his influences, and Phil has also worked on film scores, most notably with David Holmes for the soundtrack of Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience.

Phil has released on various labels including; Skint, Soma, Cocoon, Novamute, Electric Deluxe, Snork, and his own PKR, Phil has recorded three full length albums, firstly with his now defunct industrial punk techno outfit Alloy Mental in 2007, 2009’s Sssh which came out on Sven Vath’s Label Cocoon, and 2013’s Le Carrousell, with his new live act Le Carrousell. Through it all there’s been one aim to be the best he can, and to create the best music he can.

Thick as Thieves and Revolver Fridays return with another collaboration to bring you Irish Heavyweight Kieran. No stranger to Revolver, the regulars will surely be familiar with any number of his productions that have been granted anthem status – Not to mention his legendary marathon sets behind the cage. Friday March 27, 10pm-12pm… Looks like we’re in for the long haul!

This occasion comes as no different with the man himself having requested to play no less than 6 hours! Cage support comes from Safari and Katie Drover, plus a Thick As Thieves artist showcase in the front room comprising of Ok Sure, Damon Walsh, James Steeth, Randall Fox – and of course kicking on with Saturday Morning with Sunshine.