1. 1.     Your personal theme song

The Final Countdown or Wrecking Ball…

  1. 2.     Favourite super hero

SpongeBob Squarepants….

  1. 3.     First Concert you went to

The Offspring at Festival Hall in 2004

  1. 4.     What popular song would you want to cover?

Anything by Kanye West or The Doors

  1. 5.     Catch Phrase?

‘I was saying Boo-Urns’

  1. 6.     Favourite video game

FIFA, I challenge anyone to try and beat me at FIFA

  1. 7.     Personal favourite song at the moment

Either ‘Oh Precious Commodity’ by Statues or ‘Close Your Eyes (And Count to F#%k)’ by Run The Jewels

  1. 8.     What’s something about the band not a lot of people would know?

That I once dislocated my shoulder 3 minutes into a 30 minute set and had to do the rest of the show with the shoulder still out of its socket

  1. 9.     What do you want to achieve on your next tour?

I guess the goal is to try and expand our fan base and meet some cool bands on the way

  1. 10.   Who do you feel is doing the best in your genre?

I don’t even know what our genre is but I’m really digging Ever Rest, Swim Through Seasons and Spectral Fires at the moment


Milli Ransom