THE PALE EMPEROR – Marilyn Manson

Arguably one of the most controversial figures of the last 20 years, shock rocker Marilyn Manson returns to the grand stage with his 9th studio album The Pale Emperor. Following his past two albums that were negatively received by the majority of listeners, Manson and his band return to form with the acts most broody album to date.

The instrumental side of the album is very blues and classic rock influenced. With subtle leads accompanying the use of eerie synthesized strings we hear a much less chaotic atmosphere within the music, instead we receive an album that constantly feels on edge but never fully breaks.

His lyrical approach, while not as in your face and confronting as past releases still contains many sarcastic and satirical remarks that engages and intrigues the listener.

For a man who was branded as the Antichrist by the American media in the 90’s Marilyn Manson and company have released a very matured and atmospheric album that is sure to intrigue many listeners.