A collaboration of established musicians with experience, credibility and knowledge of the local music scene, pop-punk band Harbours have currently been making waves within the music scene throughout Victoria. With a combination of talent from hardcore acts such as In Elegance, Sierra and Ocean Grove, the boys from Harbours and their enthusiastic exterior make it easy to see why its only a matter of time until their name is spread throughout Australia.

Originally starting as a bit of fun for vocalist Tory, who was eager to venture into recording a pop-punk song with a friend. Through the enjoyment of making that style of music Tory utilized his connections with fellow musicians to form what now is Harbours. The genre of pop-punk was something Tory always had a vast interest in despite his past in heavier styled bands, this long lasting passion for a very different genre of music is what brought him and his fellow band mates together and is the foundation for then energy Harbours bring to their music an live shows.

So what kind of acts influence this up and coming pop-punk band? As well as the usual headlining acts in the world of pop-punk such as The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck etc. Harbours draw lots of inspiration from bands you have adopted a much more seasoned and alternative sound such as Balance & Composure, Citizen and Superheaven.

With a heavy emphasis on the phrase just do your thing (a piece of advice Tory gave to any up and coming bands) it is easy to see how this 5 piece are held in such a high regard despite being a relatively new band. Their modest approach and good -heartedly nature make it easier to connect with the music. In fact bass player/backup vocalist Kyle O’Shea had never sung properly in public until their first show, and by the support of his band he was able to sing effortlessly. Just doing his thing.
Demonstrating a genuine love for not only what they do but also those around them Harbours bring back the lost feeling of a true D.I.Y band relatable to those around them. With these basic yet cherish able characteristic I can almost see we will continue to see Harbours Just Doing Their Thing.