Positive energy, good vibes, likeminded people, new faces, some of the world’s best psychedelic and progressive trance acts and a true reminder of what it is to be part of this wonderful community. Spending four days at the all-new site based on Wooroonook Lake in Charlton accommodated by lakeside bush camping, swim dancing, water slides and even a beach bar – this year looks like it is shaping up to be one of the biggest Maitreya Festivals yet.

As the universe swirled into being, before time ticked its first tock, before the elves manned the machines, and before the great serpent gods blazed across the dark cosmos bringing technicolor wonder to the space all around… there was a rhythm, a beat, and a melody, that gathered the great energies around the sacred space, for a ritual that continued through the eons to this day, to this place, to this Maitreya Festival! We hope you can participate with us in this archaic revival of discovery of our most core and ancient experiences as beings…

Even though we may only come together for this journey once a year, we are all part of a community here and around the world celebrating the same journey of discovery. We really are all much much closer than it seems…we hope we can offer a platform for new ways to understand this and be able to transform it for peace and love in our world.

Inviting you to co create, and dream collectively a place where anything is possible, where the imaginations of ourselves are free to be anything and everything all at once, all there ever was, is, and will be! The journeys and experiences of a million lifetimes have lead you hear to explore this with us, in this special place and time at Maitreya Festival.

As for the tunes, repeat offender Captain Hook will be making his much anticipated return again this year. The most innovative act to ever hit the worldwide psychedelic dance music scene. The Captain Hook futuristic sound has taken dancefloors down roads and paths never before explored, opening doors of the perception, new ways of thinking, and blurring the boundaries of our genre based music classification.

Next in line, Leon from London morphs into the multi dimensional aural navigator Avalon to take his place among the Nanyo Record starships, ready for takeoff. Powered by huge basslines and state of the art synth power. Avalon is ready for warp speed to the dark side of the moon and beyond, in a psy trance odyssey of the stranger than fiction kind – gear up for one of the craziest, full throttle music sets in the cosmos at the moment.

Nano Records mainframe controller DJ Tristan touches down in Australia for the first time since enlightening the star spangled dancefloor on the main stage at Rainbow Serpent Festival. Originally from the UK, now from the mythical jungles of GOA, emerges a wizard from a long line of masters with the powers of psychedelic trance.

Avalon and Tristan also combine for an explosion resulting in some of the most mind bending psy trance the world has ever heard. Killerwatz – a global sound healing from deep inside the vortex of the hearts of two true psychonauts, to your mind and projected by telekinesis to the world beyond.

Rather than following the current trends, D-Nox & Beckers have placed themselves squarely at the forefront of the evolution of electronic dance music. Slickly drawing from the best elements of a variety of musical genres, this duo is undoubtedly one of the most exciting acts to emerge in recent years. Whether as a DJ mesmerized by their latest release or a dancer caught in the wake of their music pulsating through the speakers, the future will see countless listeners continue thrilled and spellbound by their works – catch the fellas dotting I’s and crossing t’s for a action packed 6-hour thundering d-floor extravaganza.

Deep deep house music make Audiojack a perfect choice for your Sunday afternoon session! Long sets, live sampling and proper DJ’ing have made ‘jack a feature in Ibiza over the last few years, taking over the side from this season at Carl Cox and Friends at Space.

German progressive house gods Tube & Berger will bring a whole lot of soul to your already extravagant experience. Since 2004 the duo have packed dancefloors around the globe with their big bass sounds and sexy powerhouse vocals. Nowadays with their own show on Tiesto’s Sirius XM, their tour schedule, and output has evolved significantly, incorporating real-life recordings, samples and an intricate, emotion-laden production style.

Hommega Records leviathan, 25 year old Shahaf Efrat from Tel Aviv is coming to turn your world upside down. Freedom Fighters have hit #1 on Beatport three times this year, and his Marshmallows track has over one million Youtube hits.

The significance does definitely not stop there, other international acts such as Sonic Entity, Yahel, Christian Smith, Dosem, Wehbba, Matan Caspi, Sinerider-Anitspin, Groove Addict, Ital&Aho, Egorythmia, E-Clip, Evil Oil Man, Earthling, Once Upon A Time, Ghreg On Earth.

Cant forget to get around the local foot-soldiers who continue to show us support at all these wonderful events, from all over Australia we also welcome to the stage: Terrafractyl, Unseen Dimension, Basic, Freq, Simon Slieker, Ozzy, Pakman. Augmented, Sorceress, Timmus, Mark J, Jekyll, Thad Lester, Suseri, Heath Myers, Andrew Till, Toulouse, Punks on Junk, Brett Nott, Max Vegaz, Legacy, Hero Kass, San & Tac, Alma Danza, Kundalini, Interpulse, Slipstream, Psychogenesis, Torusphere, Wasabi, Deutronium, Phase 7, Squiddler, Birrang Miil, DXM, Melt, Audio Unit, Dj, Krusty, Sekkt, Elixza, D-rektional, Psy-fenn, Rythmik, Mortisville vs The Chief, Mickey Space, The Mollusk, Dysphemic & Miss Eliza, Hypnagog, Brynley Cullen, Moskalin, Steph Yeah, Smeagol, Men Imating Machines, Dice Fx, Staunch, Dj Fumi, Nick Didge, U-One, Dark Nebula, Mood Machine, Gav Whitehouse b2b James Winter and Tom Cosm.

Wooroonook Lake has been a wellspring for travellers and locals for thousands of years, both human and animal. The lake and surrounding shady bushland provide an oasis in the summer heat, giving life and energy to all who enter its cool waters, or camp on its breezy banks.

The festival also features a variety of market stalls, featuring local made wares, art, food and drink, as a place to re-energize, connect, explore and relax. Experience it for yourself. Head over to for more information and tickets – see you for a splash.