The Getaway Plan fans rejoice; the boys will be playing at the Pelly Bar on January 24 and will also be releasing their new crowd-funded album Dark Horses sometime in the next few months.

PEARL’s Jessica Mills spoke to lead singer Matthew Wright about what the band behind hits such as Where the city meets the sea and The Reckoning, has planned for 2015 and how the band has changed since reforming after a short hiatus in 2010.

PEARL: Tell me about your new album Dark Horses which you are currently recording in Brunswick…
WRIGHT: We started out with about 35 songs and we’ve now narrowed it down to 12 for the record. There’s a not heap that I want to give away about the music just yet. But all we can say is that we’re really, really excited and without sounding too cliché we think it’s some of the best work that we’ve ever done.

PEARL: What made you decide to crowd-fund it?
WRIGHT: We have had some difficult experiences with record companies in the past. Generally when you’re a musician working with a label and they are investing a lot of money into you, there always comes a point where they have some creative control over what you’re doing, and we are very about being in complete control of our music. Doing it independently means that we get to make the record exactly the way that we want to, we get to put the exact songs that we want to on there, everything from the ground up is as pure as it can be.

PEARL: Five per cent of money raised post pledge goal, which you have now reached, is donated to Beyond Blue. Why did you choose that charity?
WRIGHT: We just thought that it was a good cause. We are all very passionate about supporting mental health issues, a few of us have been affected by it before, and it’s just an important cause for us.

PEARL: Where did inspiration for this album come from?
WRIGHT: The biggest inspiration is just everything that we have been through as a band over the past five years. There’s been a lot of shit going on in the camp, some personal stuff, we’ve gone through a few members, we kind of got pretty close at one point to calling it again. This record is our triumph over that, we certainly are not throwing in the towel and we are stoked to be where we are.

PEARL: You’ve recently celebrated your 10 year anniversary as a band. What’s been your biggest highlight over those years?
WRIGHT: One of the biggest highlights was when we reformed. After all the negativity that was surrounding it all when we broke up, a few of us weren’t speaking to each other during that time, to be able to come back and be friends again was massive for us.

PEARL: What was it like recording together again after having a break for one year?
WRIGHT: We kind of just fell back into place. There wasn’t really any awkwardness. Clint and myself ran into each one night when we were out at a club, we had a conversation and decided we weren’t quite done with what we had intended to do with this band and things just fell back into place quite smoothly.

PEARL: What have you got planned for your show in Frankston later this month? Will you be playing any new stuff?
WRIGHT: Yeah we will be testing out some new material for sure. We don’t want to over do it because we hate it when we go and see bands that we like and they just play a set of all new songs, we do want to make sure it is well balanced.

PEARL: What’s on the agenda for 2015?
WRIGHT: We plan to release the record as soon as possible, whether that be in the first quarter or first half of the year. There’s still a lot of logistics to work out when you’re releasing a record independently. We also want to continue to tour as much as we can- we’ve got some pretty extensive tour plans up our sleeves for this year. We want to keep the ball rolling this year, we don’t want to wait another three or four years between records.

For tickets to see The Getaway Plan at The Pelly Bar (Pier Live) Davey St, Frankston on January 24 head to and like the boys on Facebook to stay up to date on album release date details

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