The smiles and laughter, sweat, face paint and glitter, hilltop sunrises and sunsets, indescribable stage production and art installations, a community of likeminded people and the surrounding nature. A timeless place full of good energy and great vibes. The phenomenal extravaganza that is Earthcore has passed, boy it was an adventure and a half… pretty sure some of us can all still feel the vibration from the main stage.

One after another, artists and people alike from all over the globe came together deep in the wild lands of Pyalong, regional Victoria and provided a magical party wielded by a dreamlike musical journey that definitely did not disappoint, ask anyone.

Earthcore has always been about experience rather than individual acts, and I would be here forever telling you story after story, but words just can’t really do much justice… It’s something you’ll just have to try for yourself. The bar has definitely been raised to epic proportions and set the standard of what a true world-class festival is and should be.

Head to micahdunsheaphotography  or Earthcore on Facebook for more snaps – see you in the dust next year!