Teraform – The RaiderZ (Original Mix)

Duo ‘The Raiderz’, coming out of Melbourne have crafted one of my favourite tracks this year. The first time I listened to this song I was instantly hooked on its synths and intricate melodies. The Reverbed ‘oh’s’ that haunt throughout the track also give it that dark vibe, which is personally right up my alley. A crowd favourite when played out and song I wouldn’t be forgetting to put on my usb’s before heading out.
Dustin Zahn – Stranger to Stability (Len Faki’s Podium Remix)

Absolute bomb. This track consists of a deep and ambient kick and bass combined with heavily reverbed uplifters and explodes. Not a very melodic track in regards to the synth melody, but I think the simplicity of this track is what I really love most. Off a decent system, you really feel this song echoing throughout your entire body. Again that deep/dark sound is what I attracted to when it comes to this track. Kalus does a great bootleg of this track with the ‘Bam Bam’ acapella also which works perfectly with it.
Stan Gravs & LMP – Overdrive (Original Mix)

As soon as you hear the first few bars of the iconic synth melody in this song, you are instantly eager to hear the drop and watch the place erupt. One of those songs that can get you out of a sticky situation and instantly change the vibe of the room. Again with this song, simplicity wins. The catchy as hell melody, combined with a heavy kick/bass and saw synth makes you want to hit something really hard.
Zoolanda, Matt Haigh – Recreational Training (Original Mix)

A song well before its time in my opinion. This is a very well produced track and has an insanely strong atmospheric vibe. Both first and last drop hit you with almost no warning. I personally love tracks that drop almost randomly, taking the crowd by surprise. The ‘EYYAHH’ (best way I can describe the vocals) and the crowd roaring combine perfectly for an epic build. Golden oldie.

Deadmau5 – Avaritia (Original Mix)

When I first heard this track, Deadmau5 would have been the last person that I would have guessed to have cooked it up. The melody and synths used are definitely Deadmau5’y, though the drop I thought was quite heavy/dark. I’m not a huge Deadmau5 fan which could be the reason I didn’t think this track was his. Hearing the main melody of this song completely engulfs the listener and captivates a crowd. Delivers a heavy drop and is a great song to play on a Sunday morning with the boys. When this song comes on you know you’ve made it.