The Kings of post progressive rock are set to hit out shores this month, inviting you to “An Evening With Dream Theater”.  It’s the first time in five years that we’ve had Dream Theater come to Australia so it needs to be a night to remember, not only for us Aussies but also for Dream Theater.  Despite being arguable the biggest progressive metal act in the world right now, there are people who may not have heard of Dream Theater, so let me give you a quick run-down of their sound; think Pink Floyd mixed with the heavy elements of Iron Maiden, throw it back to the classic sound of the 80s and there you have Dream Theater.

Having heard of this band and loving their sound, the thoughts of an interview with them were so far off my rector scale it was ridiculous.  They are after all, remember, they are the BIGGEST Progressive Metal Band in the world right now!  They only granted 6 Australian interviews – SIX.  Yes, Six and PEARL were lucky enough to be given the golden ticket to one of the most memorable interviews I have done so far!

Somewhere in the sweet spot of old and new, Dream Theater have managed to stay in touch with old fans and constantly breed new ones within the current generation. A band that has stayed so successful for so many years has got to have some tips for up comers. After talking to James Labrie (Vocalist) about his career the chat changed to the opportunities young musicians have when releasing their music through so many different mediums these days.  Most use BandCamp and YouTube while he suggested taking it a step further “Have the right people on your team,” he advises, “but this isn’t only restricted to having a good band but also having a good team of people who will keep pushing you, a good promoter, a good publicist, a good manager. Build an army of people to help; the possibilities are endless.” He would know, building a 30-year career for Dream Theater and counting.  Their influential sounds have altered the course of prog rock creating a new ground.

So, what can you expect from these two Dream Theater shows? Definitely the wicked time signature changes, paired with ultimate animation in the crowd and some very, very excited fans who have been waiting five years for these legends to hit an Aussie stage again. Another thing you’ll have to prepare yourself for is gathering tickets, there are only two Australian shows, one of which is in our beautiful city Melbourne. Labrie mentioned during our call that they weren’t even sure they’d get the Australian dates, but are over the moon that they can come back and visit us!

Experience the pioneers of experimental progressive rock in An Evening With Dream Theater at The Palais October 29. Book now at Ticketmaster to secure your spot in the mayhem as I promise you – it will sell out quickly!  I for one wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity; you never know how long it could be before they come back again!

                                                                                                                                      MILLIE RANSOM